Best Restaurants in Istanbul

Konyalı Kanyon


The restaurant is founded by the grandfather of family Haci Ahmet Doyuran, Doganbey, Konya, in a humble, little salon with 4 tables and 16 chairs in Sirkeci, Istanbul, under the name of “Konya Lezzet Lokantasi”, in 1897. After a while, he hands the restaurant down to his son-in-law Mustafa Doğanbey. The restaurant, which is known with the cleanliness and savouriness, over time becomes one of the names that come to mind first under the title; “Istanbul Cuisine”. After 1940’s, especially with the efforts of Nurettin Doğanbey, the reputation of the Konyali spreads countrywide. The restaurant becomes one of the first choices of politicians, kings, queens and artists.

Konyalı that leaves 115 years behind is a worldwide famous restaurant. It’s absolutely one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. The first stop of Konyali that was established with Ahmet Doyuran’s efforts a century ago was Sirkeci. Konyali Kanyon and Topkapi Place branches appear as qualified addresses suitable for the magnificence of the brand. Flavors such as waterside kebab, grilled fillet steak, spinach dish with yogurt and rice, cabbage rolls, meatless dolma with cherries come into prominence. Prices of appetizers vary between 10 TL and 20 TL. Main dishes between 20 TL and 40 TL per person.

Address and Phone: Büyükdere Caddesi No:185 K:1 Levent – Istanbul, +9 0212 353 04 50


Pandeli Restaurant


Pandeli that is offering services in spice bazaar is a 111 year old plane tree. The place which makes presence with its blue ceramic walls and its menu without compromise is followed closely with curiosity especially by foreigners. The name of Pandeli is coming from Pandeli Cobanoglu who is the founder of the Pandeli. Lamb tandoori, meat dish made with pureed eggplant, cold white beans vinaigrette, mixed Pandeli desert are among the flavors that we would advise you to have on your dining table. The amount to be paid per person varies between 40 and 100 TL.

Address and Phone: Mısır Çarşısı, Eminönü Girişi, Eminönü – Istanbul, +9 0212 527 39 09


Tarihi Subaşı Lokantası


The restaurant that was established in 1959 and is frequented highly by the artisans of the grand bazaar and Nuruosmaniye is specialized in homemade dishes. By saying homemade dishes of course we refer to flavors prepared with the influence of Turkish and ottoman cuisine. The restaurant has a branch in Eminönü, Ankara street. Meat dish made with pureed eggplant, lamb steam kebab, chard stew and spinach puree are among the significant specialties of Subasi. The prices for meat dishes are 15 TL. Vegetables 9 and rice alternatives are 7 TL.

Address and Phone: Çarşıkapı Nuruosmaniye Cad. No:48-2 Nuruosmaniye, +9 0212 522 47 62

Yanyalı Fehmi Lokantası


Yanyalı Fehmi restaurant  succeeds at keeping the past alive with both the atmosphere and the menu. The restaurant was established in 1891 by Fehmi Sönmezler. There is quite much Ottoman influence on the menu. Menu was divided into categories such as stewed food, meats, grills, meatballs, cold dishes with olive oil. Lamb stew, sour meatball, rice with saffron, stew of the priest and elbasan pan take the lead among the favorite alternatives. Prices between 20 and 30 TL for one person.

Address and Phone: Osmanağa Mah. Yağlıkçı Ismail Sok. No:1, Kadiköy, +9 0216 336 33 33


Asitane Restaurant


Asitane Restaurant cooks according to Ottoman script recipes they found in the ottoman archives. They have divided the menu according to seasons. For example, you may start with delicious appetizers of the winter menu such as curd cheese mixture, gerdaniyye, calamari stuffing, liver meatball, hassa pie. It would be a mistake not to give a chance to the main dish options. Mutancana, quience stuffing with molasses, goose kebab and pit roasted sea bass are among the flavors worth tasting. A person can eat a delicious meal for an amount between 45 and 90 Turkish Lira approximately which is fair for one of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

Address and Phone: Kariye Camii Sokak No:6, Edirnekapi – Istanbul, +9 0212 635 79 97


Borsa Restaurant


Anatolian style kebab, lamb steak, Iskender (Alexander) kebab and palace tray are among the classics of the restaurant. It would be very unfair not to leave a place for desert in Borsa. Crumpets in syrup and rice pudding baked in the oven are among our favorites. The price of fix menu varies between 125 and 155 TL. If you want to choose from the menu you have to be prepared to spend an amount between 100 to 150 TL.

Address and Phone: Kandilli mah. Kandilli cad. Kandilli – Istanbul, +9 0216 460 03 04


Feriye Lokantası


Feriye is one of the most famous and best restaurants in Istanbul. The first thing we are going to say about this place is its magnificent location. Imagine the atmosphere of the restaurant that offers its services in a 19th century building and is just one step away from Bosporus. This building which started its adventure as Feriye police office was restored in a way that recompenses its value. The recipes belonging to the 12th, 14th and 19th are predominant in the menu. Lamp chop steak, entrecôte, sea bass, blue fish are among the main dishes that are often ordered. The bill per person varies approximately between 120 and 200 TL depending on the drinks.

Address and Phone: Çırağan Caddesi No:40 Ortaköy – Istanbul, +9 0212 227 2216


Hacı Abdullah Lokantası


Opening date is 1888, easier said than done. We are talking about an adventure lasting more than 100 years. It pleases a person not only with the menu but also with the atmosphere that takes you back to many years ago. They created many categories in the menu varying from meat dishes to vegetable dishes. Seasoned trotter soup, meatball with Hacı Abdullah phyllo pastry, seasoned celery, chickpeas cooked in casserole and samsa desert are among the pleasant alternatives for the first timers. Prices of the main dishes vary between 26 and 30 TL  which is cheap for one of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

Address and Phone: Ağa Camii, Atıf Yılmaz Caddesi, Eski Sakızağacı Cad. Beyoglu – Istanbul, +9 0212 293 85 61


Hünkar Lokantası


The restaurant that is in service since 1950 has an important place in food and beverage history of Istanbul. At the same time it is a significant color for Nişantaşı neighborhood. There are approximately 10 categories in the menu. You may start the feast with cold dishes such as braised eggplant stuffed with onion, garlic and tomatoes (“imam bayıldı”), celery and cold white beans vinaigrette. Meat dish made pureed eggplant, stew with quinces and eggplant kebab are among the favorite main dishes. Prices of the main dishes vary between 16 and 31 TL. Soups between 7 to 10 TL. Cold dishes between 8 to 20 TL. Grilled meats between 16 to 42 TL.

Address and Phone: Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi. No:21, Nişantaşi – Istanbul, +9 0212 225 46 65


Kanaat Lokantasi


Kanaat Restaurant which is located in Üsküdar – Istanbul serves since 1933. Restaurant is on a very significant point for both Istanbul and Üsküdar. Once workers and stars of Yesilçam (Turkish Hollywood) could eat there together. Today they still serve as in their first days. They keep the oldies alive in every detail from food dresser to desks and chairs. Flavors such as Ankara meatball, dried beans, Uzbek rice, lamb tandoor and meat casserole are the ones having the leading roles. Prices of main dishes vary between 8,5 to 16,5 TL.

Address and Phone: Selmanipak Cad. No:9 – Uskudar/Istanbul, +9 0216 341 54 44

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