The weather in Istanbul in September is the beginning of the velvet season. The sea and the nights are still very warm, but there is no longer a strong summer sun. With the end of the holidays and the start of business life, the beaches become freer.

Thus, Istanbul in September is the warmest and most comfortable month for a beach and cultural holiday. Ideal weather conditions are set for visiting the architectural monuments of ancient Constantinople. Many Istanbul festivals are held at the beginning of autumn.

Average air temperature during the day: 26°C Average temperature at night: 22°C Sea water temperature: 23°C Rainfall: 35 mm Wind speed: up to 5-6 m/s Rainy days: 3-5

The highest daily temperature in September reaches 30 degrees. At night it does not fall below 16°C and averages 18+22°C.

At the end of September, light winds are already blowing in Istanbul. Also in the first month of autumn, unlike summer, it rains.

Usually the weather deteriorates by the last week of the month, there are heavy showers. The air temperature during the day in the last decade often drops to + 24 + 25 degrees.

In mid-autumn, the rainy season usually begins in Istanbul. But there are also very hot years, when at the end of September there is still unbearable summer heat.

The average water temperature in September in Istanbul is 23 degrees. Which is very comfortable for swimming in the sea, sunbathing and beach holidays.

Throughout the month, the water in the sea warms up to 23-23.6 ° C, and only starting from the 25th day it gradually decreases. By September 30, the water temperature is already 20°C.

September is an excellent choice for a seaside holiday. This is the high season, tourists still flock to the city. Throughout the month, the water in the Black and Marmara Seas is comfortable enough for swimming. The water temperature is +23°C and only by the very end of the month it drops by 1-2 degrees.

There are already fewer people on the beaches in the first autumn month than in July-August. But the sun is still intense, just like in summer, so be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

September in Istanbul is the last chance of the season to swim on the beaches of the Princes’ Islands. The Adalar archipelago consists of 9 islands, and you can swim to them by vapur or ferry in an hour.

What to wear in Istanbul in September

Istanbul in September
What to wear in September in Istanbul

September weather allows you to take summer things on a trip to the city of two continents. In September, in Istanbul, you can wear a T-shirt, shorts, summer trousers or dresses.

But for the evening and for a boat trip, you need to provide warmer clothes. A cardigan, jeans, a jacket or even a windbreaker will come in handy, especially when it comes to walking along the Bosphorus.

You also need to take a mosquito spray. On the territory of many hotels they are poisoned, but on the streets, in parks or in the evening near the water, mosquitoes can cause trouble.

Holidays in Istanbul in September

İstanbul Opera Festivali is Istanbul’s International Opera Festival held during the summer at beautiful historical sites. Namely, in the palaces of Topkapı and Yıldız, the Rumelian Fortress, the Church of St. Irene, etc.

Istanbul in September host the international Istanbul Jazz Festival – İstanbul Caz Fesivali.

Istanbul Jazz Festival is a platform for both Turkish jazzmen and foreign musicians. Free concerts are held throughout the city in parks, as well as jazz performances in shopping centers, Sultan’s mansions, the Volkswagen Arena, the Venetian Palace Garden and concert halls.

The program of the festival by day can be found on the official website of the festival.

The average cost of tickets for paid performances starts from 50 lira. Performances in parks are free.

However, you can freely enjoy jazz tunes throughout the two festival weeks in Istanbul everywhere. And on the squares, and on ships plying the Bosphorus, and in numerous cafes and restaurants.

What to see in Istanbul in September

In September, an influx of citizens returning from holidays and vacations comes to Istanbul with renewed vigor. Tourists are attracted by the softened weather, but they find themselves in a crowded metropolis.

There are big traffic jams on the roads since September, because not only the velvet, but also the business season begins. Therefore, it is not recommended to use land transport, it is better to choose walking tours and Bosphorus boat tours.

Ideas where to go in Istanbul in September:

Museum of Miniatures Miniaturk. Of course, this is the most beautiful park museum in Istanbul. The open-air miniature park has collected exact copies of all the important sights and natural wonders of Turkey. Palaces, museums, mosques, cathedrals, fortresses, natural springs, airports, towers. The miniatures are large, some are as tall as human beings, and it is very interesting to walk among them.

Cruise on the Bosphorus. A boat trip along the cold strait will allow you to consider both banks. You can take a tour with access to the Black or Marmara Sea.

Gulhane park. Be sure to set aside at least half a day to explore the Sultan’s Palace and eat chestnuts in the beautiful park near Topkapı Palace.

Princes’ Islands. Swim on the beach of Buyukada or Burgazada, ride a bike and take a walk in the coniferous parks. There are very ancient wooden buildings and a lot of greenery.

Maiden’s Tower. It’s still warm enough to dine on the summer terrace of the Kızkulesi Maiden’s Tower right in the middle of the Bosphorus. And you can drink a cocktail in the bar on the top floor of Kyz Kulesi.

Istanbul in September
Maiden’s Tower

Arasta Bazaar or Fish Market. Look for rare antiques and authentic Turkish carpets in the picturesque streets of Arasta Bazaar.

Or check out the fish rows at Balık çarşısı near the Galata Bridge. By the way, here you can see the shopping malls, markets and outlets of Istanbul.

Accommodation in Istanbul in September

Since September is high season in Istanbul, hotel prices are appropriate. But some hotels bring down the cost of living by the end of the month. In any case, it makes sense to choose accommodation on Booking in advance.

Find hotels in the center of Istanbul>>>

For example, a week of accommodation in a three-star hotel in the center of Istanbul for two on Booking will cost about $350, and a good four-star hotel – from $500. If you choose accommodation further from the center or apartments and boutique hotels, prices start at about $250 for two.

A five-star hotel in remote areas like Maltepe can be found for $350. per week, in the very center – from 650 USD

For beginner tourists, it is better to choose such strategic central locations as Sultanahmet, Galata (Beyoglu), Karakoy, Sirkeci or Taksim. To walk around the historical center on foot.

At the same time, if you are staying in the center, do not look for the metro nearby, there is none in the historical quarters. Ideally, there should be walking distance to the T1 tram stop or to the funicular.

Experienced travelers who go to Istanbul for a real Asian flavor can choose accommodation in the Karakoy or Uskudar areas. It is cheaper, there are few tourists, and the city center is easily accessible by Marmaray or ferry.

Shopping in Istanbul in September

September in Istanbul marks the end of the sales season, which began at the end of July. You can have time to buy summer collections of clothes and shoes with discounts up to 80%. Briefly about shopping in Istanbul.

Bazaars and markets in September work as usual. The most shopping areas of Istanbul are Laleli, Zeytinburnu and Osmanbey. Closest to the center is Laleli, just a few tram stops from Sultanahmet. There you can find the market Laleli and fishing spots for clothing wholesalers.

But the best streets for shopping are considered to be:

  • Istiklal street (Istiklal caddesi) – in the Taksim district.
  • Bagdad street (Bagdat caddesi) – in the Asian part of the city, there are many trendy shopping malls, luxury boutiques and places for youth parties.
  • Abdi Ipekci Street (Abdi İpekçi Caddesi) is the main shopping street of Istanbul, in the prestigious
  • Sisli district. Here, the most expensive rental of premises in Turkey is 3.5 thousand dollars per sq.m. The street is full of exclusive designer shops and expensive restaurants.

You can hide from the September heat at noon in the shopping centers of Istanbul, starting from the Kanyon and ending with the Istanbul Forum. The main shopping malls are Cevahir, Kanyon, Galleria.

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