2 islands for sale in Turkey

2 islands for sale in Turkey

Two Turkish islands on the Aegean coast have been put up for sale.

Karaca Island on the coast of the tourist province of Muğla is up for sale for 210 million Turkish liras (36.7 million US dollars). The island, located along the turquoise coast of Turkey or the “Turkish Riviera”, is home to three small detached houses. The size of the island, which has four bays, is 316,000 square meters (78 acres).

Çiçek Island, off the coast of Balıkesir Province, is currently owned by three families and was first put up for sale in 2002. The real owners of the island, located just 230 meters from the coast, hope to receive about 115 million lire (20 million dollars) for it.

On Çiçek, with an area of ​​265 thousand square meters (65.5 acres), there are three houses with an area of ​​450 square meters. The island has 2,000 olive trees, 3,000 pines and various fruit trees.

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