30 million passengers from Jan to May 2021

30 million passengers from Jan to May 2021

About 30 million passengers were hosted by airports of Turkey during January – May 2021.

The General Directorate of the State Airports of the Turkey reported, that during January – May 2021, all airports of the Turkey hosted 29,4 million passengers. 11 million of them were international passengers, 18,4 million were local passengers.

To serve such number of passengers and cargos, airports operated 467,160 flights. It includes also cargo traffic, which was more than 1 million tons of goods.

The main airport, that held the most of flights and passengers are new Istanbul Airport and Ataturk Airport, bith located in Istanbul. To get cheap transfers from Istanbul airports, look at our taxi in Istanbul page. The Istanbul Airport served 80,910 flights with 9,4 million passengers during last five months. Ataturk Airport served 15,649 cargo flights (no passenger flights in this airport).

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