A Turkish couple began a five-year trip around the world on their catamaran on April 10, and local authorities said goodbye to them at a small ceremony in the southern province of Antalya.

Özlem and Ozkan Şahin got married in Finike province in 2014 and have been living on their catamaran ever since.

Many years ago, they made their first long journey, during which they passed the entire coast of the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas from the northeastern province of Artvin to the southeastern province of Hatay.

“We have been working on this world tour for the last two years,” Ozkan Şahin told Demirören news agency.

“I’m so excited; I have butterflies in my stomach,” added Ozlem, his wife.

Mustafa Goyikci, the mayor of Finike, who attended the farewell ceremony for the commander of the local coast guard, cut the ribbon and sent the couple out to sea.

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