Historic churches in Kayakoy (Mugla), known as the “ghost town”, will be restored for tourism purposes. Hürriyet news outlet writes about this.

According to a widespread report, the city has been called a “ghost” since it was abandoned 97 years ago. The archaeological site of Kayakoy, which is one of the specially protected areas, receives many local and foreign tourists every year.

Mugla Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Zekeria Bingel said that Kayakoy attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its settlement plan and historical texture.

Stating that Kayakey is becoming more and more famous every day, Bingel noted:

“The church buildings in Kayakoy, to which the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Muğla Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism attach great importance, will be renovated. The restoration project prepared by the Directorate will be funded by the Investment Monitoring and Coordination Office of the Muğla Governor’s Office [YIKOB] after it is approved by the Conservation Board.”

Recall that last year Kayakoy was visited by 99 thousand people, and by the end of October of this year, about 38,000. . The city, which attracts people from an architectural point of view, also has many chapels, two large churches, a school and a customs building.

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