“Full!”: Turkey is experiencing an unprecedented demand for real estate

“Full!”: Turkey is experiencing an unprecedented demand for real estate

In Turkey, there is an unprecedented demand for renting apartments and apartments, as well as for buying property.

Offers for renting and selling apartments on the popular Turkish housing search aggregator Sahibinden.com are melting before our eyes. And this despite the fact that due to increased demand, prices have doubled.

“We make 15–20 transfers from the airport a day. Running late. Like the hot season. All Russians,” say representatives of the Turkish transport company.

Let’s explain the hype in recent days – the number of flights from Russia to Turkey has sharply decreased due to the fears of Russian airlines to lose the aircraft that are in their fleets under leasing. In turn, people who want to wait out the crisis by the sea are afraid that in a few days they will not be able to do this due to flight cancellations or prohibitive prices for flights. Many are completely afraid of the Iron Curtain, so they leave the country.

“Today, two friends asked me at once how it is possible to move to Turkey, how much it costs to live, etc.,” said a Russian woman living in Antalya.

However, according to the owner of an apartment hotel in Antalya, representatives of the real estate market will not be able to collect cream for long: “Demand is certainly higher than usual. But, on the other hand, it seems to me that this is a temporary phenomenon. When it will no longer be possible to fly away or airfare prices become unaffordable, probably, on the contrary, sales will decline sharply.”

In addition, since March 10, the requirements for obtaining a residence permit have been tightened in Turkey. Russians in social networks are already reporting that the term of a residence permit in the country has been reduced. “Previously, even with the initial application, it was possible to get ikamet for a year, now they give only 3-4 months,” experts say.

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