Hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia, one of the most popular tourism destinations in Turkey, were made by 661,443 tourists in 2022. This was reported to journalists by the governor of the province of Nevsehir Inci Sezer Bejel.

According to her, 156 balloons serve tourists every day in Cappadocia.

Bejel noted that Cappadocia is the only place in the world where hot air balloons are so widely used for tourism purposes and in such a large area.

The Governor informed that for the last two years, a balloon festival has been held in Cappadocia, where 156 balloons are simultaneously raised into the air.

In 2014, 434,639 people flew in balloons, in 2015 – 498,812 people, in 2016 – 250 thousand, in 2017 – 329,390, in 2018 – 537,500 people, in 2019 – 585,582 people, in 2020 – 120,917 people, and in 2021 – 388,833 people.

Cappadocia has a unique natural landscape. Cappadocia is, first of all, the valley of Peribajalara (“Magic Fireplaces” or “Fairy Fireplaces”) and remnants in the form of stone pillars of bizarre shapes and outlines.

There were previously active volcanoes on the territory of Cappadocia, the largest of which – Hasan, Erciyes, Medendiz and Gulludag – once threw out ash and lava. Over time, the ash turned into tuff, and the lava into basalt, covering the soft tuff rock with a thin layer. Climate change in the region triggered the work of other natural forces: precipitation, wind and rivers carved their patterns from tufa.

During the tour, tourists get the opportunity to see the natural beauties of the region from a bird’s eye view: the Peribajalara valley and houses and monasteries carved into the rocks.

Balloon flights are performed on average 300 days a year. In recent years, these flights have become a major draw for tourists to Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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