This year Eid al-Adha, the second largest Muslim holiday, falls on Wednesday, June 28th. In many Muslim countries, the celebration will officially last 4 days, until Saturday, July 1. Travel agents said what will change for tourists and whether there are difficulties in confirming popular hotels for this period.

Residents of Egypt, the UAE and other Muslim countries will have at least 5 free days along with Sunday. In Turkey, by presidential decree, it was also decided to make June 26 and 27 days off. Thus, holidays for residents of the country will increase to 9 days, along with Saturdays and Sundays.

On the first day of the holiday – June 28 – some retail outlets, including network ones, may not work or close ahead of time. But large shopping centers will work as usual.

The only feature is that hotels and beaches in Turkey these days can be filled with the local population as much as possible, since many people like to go to resorts during this period.

Specialists warn that some popular hotels may stop sales long before the holidays. In particular, according to travel agencies, there are no more vacancies with a check-in on June 24–25 for a week at the relatively budget Tropical Beach Hotel 4 * in Marmaris. However, in other well-known hotels, rooms are still available for booking. Now there is no such crazy excitement and the tourist can be redirected to another hotel of the same category

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