In Antalya, sculptors will create a 50-meter sand figure

In Antalya, sculptors will create a 50-meter sand figure

The traditional International Sand Sculpture Festival in Antalya this year will be dedicated to the theme of space.

As part of the 17th annual sculpture festival, an attempt will be made to set a new world record by creating a 50-meter sand figure in a day.

The festival, which is of great interest to local and foreign tourists, is organized on the territory of the Lara public beach.

During the festival, replicas of Sputnik and Apollo launch vehicles will be exhibited.

A team of 25 sculptors are working on sand sculptures of Yuri Gagarin, Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong, the Hubble Space Telescope and Colonization on Mars. 10 thousand tons of sand will be used to create masterpieces.

Visitors to the festival site will be able to see sculptures with references to cult films such as Star Trek and Star Wars, as well as sculptures on the theme of the interaction of space and man.

Festival director Cem Karaca told Anadolu Agency that the theme of the 2022 festival will reflect humanity’s struggle for space exploration.

The theme of the festival will touch upon the projects of Leonardo da Vinci, tell about the legendary Ottoman aviator Lagari Hassan Celebi, who made the first test of a manned rocket.

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