Istanbul topped the world traffic ranking

Istanbul topped the world traffic ranking

TomTom, a company specializing in the creation of road maps and the production of navigation systems, has published a ranking of the cities with the busiest roads in 2021.

Among 404 cities in 58 countries of the world, the largest Turkish metropolis, Istanbul, is in first place in the global list, traffic jams in which increased by 11 percent over the year. It is not only due to number of taxis in Istanbul.

According to the company, every Istanbul driver spent an average of 142 hours in traffic jams over the past year. Residents of the Russian capital spent only a couple of hours less on the road in 2021 and took second place (140 hours). The top three with 128 hours of traffic jams per year is closed by motorists of Ukrainian Kyiv.

As far as Turkey itself is concerned, the top 10 includes traffic-stricken drivers in the following Turkish cities:

Istanbul – 142 hours (1st place in the world ranking)
Izmir – 85 hours (29)
Ankara – 78 hours (50)
Antalya – 71 hours (72)
Bursa – 71 hours (73)
Adana – 69 hours (78)
Gaziantep – 62 hours (109)
Mersin – 55 hours (143)
Konya – 46 hours (230)
Kayseri – 43 hours (251)

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