Named the most “passionate” actress in Turkey

Named the most "passionate" actress in Turkey

Turkish journalists conducted an interactive survey among residents of 12 provinces of Turkey, in which they found out which of the actresses the audience considers the most “passionate”. The survey was conducted as part of the creation of one of the editions of the program “You Can’t Keep Silent”.

So, according to the results of the survey, Burcu Biricik, who is known to many for her leading role in the TV series “The Girl Behind the Glass”, took the first place by a wide margin from her rivals. It is also worth noting that a few months ago, Burcu was named Turkey’s “Best Drama Actress” in another poll.

Recall that Biricik’s talent has been repeatedly noted by foreign critics and producers. The talent of the actress is not questioned and she perfects it every year, conquering more and more viewers’ hearts.

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