New species of marine animals discovered in Turkey

New species of marine animals discovered in Turkey

56 new species of marine life have been discovered in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara Seas of Turkey. The Sabah news outlet writes about this with reference to a scientific work published by Turkish scientists from the Faculty of Aquaculture of the Aegean University.

According to researcher Ertan Dagi, the biodiversity in Turkish waters is huge, but this fact has not been given due attention before.

“We have worked very fruitfully in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara seas. If research starts in the Black Sea, the diversity of species will also increase,” Dagi said.

Samples of the newly discovered species are currently kept in the university museum. Analyzing data from the last 14 years, scientists came across one new fish, insects and mollusks, six corals, 20 arthropods and 27 annelids.

All open species have entered the world literature, with names assigned by Turkish scientists. One of the species was named “Prionospio Anatolica”, in honor of the rich biodiversity of the Anatolian lands.

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