Interest in holidays in Cappadocia, one of the main tourist centers of Turkey, continues to grow.

The number of people wishing to admire the unique natural landscape of the region, in particular the Peribajalara Valley (“Fairy Fireplaces”), ancient monasteries in the rocks, underground cities and take part in balloon flights is growing every year.

According to the Anadolu agency, in the first nine months of this year, 437.5 thousand tourists flew in balloons in Cappadocia.

Today, 27 companies are involved in organizing balloon flights in Cappadocia. Flights take place every morning and last an average of 45 minutes to one hour. The cost of one flight is from 170 to 200 euros.

Income generated from balloon flights in Cappadocia is a significant contribution to the region’s economy.

Cappadocia is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A record 2.9 million domestic and foreign tourists visited the area last year

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