In Turkey, the restoration of some sections of the Topkapi Palace, one of the country’s unique historical structures, has been completed and is now open to the public.

On April 20, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in the opening ceremony of the Holy Relics, the Fatih Mansion, the Seferli Parish, the Treasury and the Mecidiye Mansion, the restoration work of which has come to an end.

The palace has been undergoing extensive renovations for some time. One of the completed sections of the palace, the Holy Relics, contains Islamic valuables donated to the Ottoman sultans between the 16th and late 19th century.

In the palace, you can again see various relics of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, his followers and other items associated with him.

Both the exterior and the interior of the Mecidiye mansion, located in the fourth courtyard of the Topkapı Palace, have been restored.

The construction of the mansion was completed in 1858 during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulmejid.

As part of the restoration work, the furniture and wooden structures in the mansion, built in the garden, also underwent a major overhaul.

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