The Istanbul Planning Agency (İPA) released its March 2022 report on the cost of living in Istanbul on April 4.

According to the agency, the cost of living in the city increased by 11.17% in a month. In March, the rise in the cost of living in Istanbul reached 73.63%.

Some of the items on which the cost of living in Istanbul is calculated have risen significantly in price over the month. Granulated sugar rose in price by 27.10%, sunflower oil by 39.95%, the cost of rice increased by 4.43%, red meat by 21.30%, chicken by 28.54% and diesel fuel by 42.57%.

According to the consumer price index released yesterday by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), the monthly consumer inflation rate was 5.45%, while the annual rate reached 61.14%.

Meanwhile, the independent Inflation Research Group (ENAG) has calculated that Turkey’s monthly consumer inflation rate in March 2022 was fixed at 11.93%, while the annual rate jumped by 142.63%.

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