The Istanbul Municipality held a meeting of the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) on Thursday, at which, after several votes, a decision was made to increase the fare for ferry and metrobus lines, minibuses (dolmush), taxis and work / school buses (services).

According to the Turkish press, due to rising fuel prices and inflation during the voting, it was decided that the fare for some modes of transport in Istanbul from April 9 (Saturday) will be increased by 40 percent.

In addition, travel cards, including a single-use electronic ticket (tam elektronik bilet), the price of which increased from 5.48 to 7.67 lira, also fell under the 40 percent surcharge. Monthly pass (Mavi Kart) has risen in price from 430 lira to 602 lira, student monthly pass from 78 to 109 lira. The cost of the first transplant also increased from 3.92 to 5.48 liras.

If earlier the minimum (0-1 km) monthly fare in the school service was set at 396 lira, now the minimum fare starts from 554 lira. In working services, this amount has grown from 211 to 295.

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