Turkish hoteliers complain about the low activity of travelers in buying tours. Turkey’s Turizm Guncel writes that an “unpleasant bouquet of reasons” is to blame and says all tours to earthquake-hit cities have been canceled this year.

Among the main reasons for the cancellation of tours is the destruction in 11 Turkish cities.

The publication quotes the words of Mete Akcan, chairman of the Southeast Anatolia Tourist Hoteliers and Operators Association, who believes that tourism activity in the region is unlikely to return to normal until September this year.

“There are cities that were less affected by the earthquake,” Akjan said. “But they all offered interconnected tours. When one is missing, others find it difficult to get tourism back on track.”

Akcan also recalled that the spring semester is important for the region in terms of attracting tourists, but tours for this spring semester have been cancelled. Earthquakes that recur periodically have reduced interest in the region, he said.

Former president of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation Osman Ayik, in turn, said that some hotels are open in provinces less affected by the earthquake, but they mainly accept aid groups, non-governmental organizations and government employees arriving in the region.

It is difficult for tourism to return to normal in the short term in the affected provinces, he said. But tourism could resume in a few months in less affected provinces.

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