Turkey decides to return the buffet to tourists

Turkey decides to return the buffet to tourists

Turkish authorities are going to lift most covid restrictions in hotels

The Turkish authorities may soon lift most of the covid restrictions in hotels, including the distribution of food by staff instead of the usual buffet. This was reported on the website of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

It is noted that information about the draft document from the Turkish certificate of safe tourism appeared in the Turkish press. The authorities are going to amend the protocol for serving vacationers at the hotel, which was in effect during the pandemic, and remove 15 points from it.

For example, it is proposed to return the open buffet self-service system, travelers will be able to pour themselves tea and coffee, as before. Also, the requirement for disposable tableware, the rule on the mandatory presence of sanitizers on dining tables, the temperature measurement of staff and guests, and the wearing of masks will also be abolished.

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