Turkey’s oldest student receives university degree

Turkey's oldest student receives university degree

At a ceremony held in Ankara, the oldest university student in Turkey received his diploma.

Mustafa Yavuz Yalcinkaya, an 82-year-old student of the Faculty of Law, after passing the final exams, was awarded a diploma from the Faculty of Law of Ankara University.

Yalcinkaya, having entered the university more than 60 years ago, was forced to quit his studies as a result of a military coup in May 1960 and join the Turkish army as a reserve officer.

After an amnesty in 2018, the man returned to the university and began attending courses necessary for graduation.

The man, attending the graduation ceremony in a traditional robe and hat, received his diploma to the applause of his classmates, who are decades younger than him.

“I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my release and those who gave amnesty,” he said during his speech.

Yalchinkaya also sang the song after his performance.

The publication notes that a newly minted graduate will need to complete an internship in a law firm for at least one year in order to be able to work as a lawyer.

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