Works of art from waste: a unique exhibition at the “Istanbul Airport”

Works of art from waste: a unique exhibition at the "Istanbul Airport"

The passenger terminal of the Istanbul Airport was decorated with an unusual exposition of works created by the artist Deniz Sagdych from plastic waste.

Exhibition “0”, organized by İGART, the operator of the largest air harbor in Turkey, opened in the departure area for international flights.

The works are created from fragments of old uniforms, buttons, plastic boxes, bags and other waste.

After the opening of the exhibition, Sagdych told the correspondent of the Anadolu agency that he had been creating expositions on the topic of ecology for several years.

In fact, all the exhibits presented at the exhibition consist of small pieces of waste left by passengers, the artist says.

“The exhibition features portraits of people, regardless of religion, language or race, collected from waste. I hope that exhibition visitors from all over the world will now act more carefully and consciously, leaving waste,” she said.

Part of the income from the sale of works will be used in social projects of the IGA. A total of 20 works are presented at the exhibition. It took about four months to create them.

The paintings will decorate the air harbor terminal for three months.

The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the importance of waste recycling.

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