Best Bus Companies in Turkey

Bus Companies in Turkey

Most of the Turkish bus companies have luxury and comfortable buses with free WiFi connection, television, air-conditioning, a steward, free snacks and drinks. I will try to list you some well-known, famous and comfortable companies.

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Also I have to say in advance, my favorite bus company in Turkey is “Kamil Koç” which is listed at the bottom in this article.

Varan Tourism


As the flagship of Varan Group of Companies, Varan Tourism has been active in road transport since 1946. Varan Tourism has laid the ground for safe, comfortable and modern passenger transportation, with its exclusive service at international standards and the countless innovative practices it has introduced in the sector. The company serves its customers with 230 ticket sales locations throughout Turkey, more than 1,000 employees and its state-of-the-art fleet of 350 buses with personal TV, internet connection and freedom to use satellite and mobile phones, and carries 1.5 million passengers annually. Varan Tourism operates 692 domestic routes in Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Central Anatolian and Black Sea regions, as well as regular lines to Austria, Bulgaria and Germany.

The leader in Total Quality Management, Varan achieved yet another first in Passenger Transport not only in Turkey, but also in the world by obtaining the ISO 9001 Quality Service Certification on May 15th, 1998. Having based its service policies on the trust, comfort and happiness of its passengers, Varan completed the institutionalization of all its functions and turned this into a quality standard in the sector by obtaining the ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Varan Tourism is  proud to serve their customers with 230 ticket sales locations throughout Turkey, 2,000 employees and our state-of-the-art fleet of 350 buses with personal TV, internet connection and freedom to use satellite and mobile phones. Varan Tourism carries approximately 2.5 million passengers annually to 692 locations, variable by season, in Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Central Anatolian regions.


Ulusoy Tourism


Ulusoy Tourism is absolutely one of the leading and best bus companies of Turkey. Ulusoy Tourism have quite a lot destinations and good reputation. They have different luxury buses like StarLiner, CityLiner, StarLiner Royal Class, StarLiner VIP, MegaLiner, Travego and Viseon. They have sandwich service, food service, pillows and blankets, special terminals, speed restriction, WC, newspapers and magazines, free parking, free WiFi, entertainment system, city shuttle service, satellite television etc.

Ulusoy Tourism has been defining the passenger transportation business up-to-date by capturing the era with its vision of being the pioneer of the industry and continually renewing itself. Ulusoy Tourism, with its extensive transport network services in Turkey, high standard and equipped fleet of 320 buses, carries an average of 3.5 million passengers a year.

Ulusoy Tourism plans and implements sales services, cruise services, accommodation facilities, departure and arrival point services in harmony and does not regard the coach industry just as transportation.  With the company’s essential principles of safety and quality, service planning at Ulusoy Tourism exceeds customer expectations. For this reason, Ulusoy Tourism feels right to be proud of being the brand that defines road passenger transport and sets a model in Turkey.


Metro Tourism


Metro Tourism is also famous and well-known with it’s services. Metro Tourism is known by it’s fleet of buses, they have the biggest number of destinations in Turkey. Metro Tourism is one of the largest tourism and transport organizations in the Turkey , capacity and quality of service increases with each passing year.

Turnover in terms of size and number of passengers carried, which is Turkey’s largest road passenger transport company Metro Tourism has a total of 1303 buses and 415 of it is self-owned. Metro Holding organization affiliated to the formation of a strong and efficient capital structure, as well as Metro Tourism, spread across Turkey, active agency with 895 units, domestic and foreign ticket sales network is among the most effective road passenger transport company. Founded in 1992, annual passenger handling capacity and service network in Metro Tourism steadily increased significantly during the period of each activity.

The Company’s total number of passengers in 2012, which was 20 million in 2013, aimed to the level of 22 million. Air, sea and rail passenger transport occurred at a time when alternatives are attractive, Metro Tourism, the company will continue to increase the number of passengers and time, reveal the strong position in the industry.

Passengers need to see the priorities of the service that the customer take anywhere from the philosophy of the Metro Tourism, local services offerings raised to the highest level. Metro Tourism, responds to requests for assistance needs of passengers with a wide service network.


Kamil Koç Tourism


Kamil Koç Tourism is perhaps one of the oldest bus companies of Turkey. Kamil Koç Tourism founded in 1926 and today it’s a leading and well-known bus company.

Actually they are my favorite, I personally always choose Kamil Koç Tourism when I’m travelling. Kamil Koç Tourism has 400 different ticket-sale points, 2700 employees and  500 buses along Turkey. Everyday 30.000 people is travelling with Kamil Koç Tourism.

Very comfortable seats, free WiFi, good drivers, good reputation, fast and safe, clean, satellite television, toilet, city shuttle service, entertainment systems, free snacks, open buffet food and drinks, steward etc. They provide everything you expect.


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