Kabataş–Taksim funicular in Istanbul (simply named funicular) connects the two popular places of Istanbul: the shore of Bosphorus – Kabatas Station, and the main known Istanbul square – Taksim Station. Two wagons changing each other in just 3 minutes interval without any stops, when one wagon is on the top – on Istiklal Street, the second one is on the bottom – on the Bosporus shore. Without stops, from 06:00 till 00:00.

Kabataş–Taksim funicular in Istanbul was opened in 2006 in the European part of the city. Funicular is designed to simplify and expedite the movement of passengers between the two popular areas of the European part of the city: Kabatas and Taksim. On this branch move two wagons, each of which is pulled up or lowered down, by powerful electric motors and wire ropes. Travel time, as the waiting time of landing is very small and is measured in minutes. It is important to remember that the underground transport artery of Istanbul called Funicular (Füniküler), and in any case do not use the name Tunnel (Tünel), which is an entirely different place in Istanbul.

Kabataş–Taksim Funicular

Why is it so easy to use the funicular in Istanbul?

Funicular is an element that connects the transport arteries of Istanbul, going through all parts of the multi-million city, including European and Asian parts.

What more of convenience of funicular?

Firstly, using the funicular in Istanbul, you can quickly drive top the Galata hill and Taksim Square. The lower cable car station is located near to the passenger port of Kabatas berths, as well as the eponymous final stop of tram TR1.

Second, on top of the funicular stop (Taksim), you can make a connection to M1 metro station (Taksim – Levent). It is particularly convenient that the passengers can change the transport without leaving underground.

Finally, on the top of funicular at Taksim Square focused a lot of bus and dolmuş stations, which allows relatively easy to get to any area in the northern European side of Istanbul.

Moreover, only a few dozen meters from the upper exit of the funicular located station of “historical” tram, which runs on Istiklal Street – a favorite place for walks of inhabitants and many guests of Istanbul

The fare in Kabataş–Taksim funicular in Istanbul

The entrance of each stations of the funicular equipped with electronic turnstiles. Electronic readers of turnstile mechanisms allow the different ways to pay. It is plastic tokens, which can be bought on most tram stations of Istanbul. Akilli Bilet – reusable token, which looks like trinket. And Istanbul Kart – plastic card to use for pay in all transportation of Istanbul (excluding taxis). All this items – tokens, Akilli Bilet and Istanbul Kart, can be bought and replenished in the kiosks near to stations

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