Student City: EskisehirIf you want to have a good time and sea beautiful places Eskisehir is the best city for you. The population of the students is as three times as local population. The students have many advantages in this city. You can go out anytime you want. You can eat out any hour you like. You can go to the cinema at late hours. You can walk in the streets safely.

Student City: EskisehirThere are two universities called Anadolu and Osmangazi. Anadolu University is one of the best five universities in Turkey. Every person who visits Eskisehir should see it. There are many sculptures, water jets and colourful flowers, making it worth to see. It is also the only university in Turkey which has a big market called Migros and a cafe. The city has many advantages for youngs.

Student City: EskisehirThere are two malls called Kanatli and Espark where you can find everything you want. They have many cafes, shops, stores, cinemas and also large parking garages. You can do shopping, buy toys, eat something at the restaurants and cafes, watch films at one of the cinemas. You can also find every technological item you want.

Student City: EskisehirThe city center is perfect. There is a river called Porsuk. It has a beatuful scene. The bridges are also perfect. While you are walking along it you feel like you are in Paris. There are also gondols and boats for who wants to board. There are many cafes around Porsuk River. You can eat and drink everything you want and have a rest there. There is a place called Hamamyolu which is worth to sea, too. It is Named after Turkish bath in it. There is also thermal spring in it. The scene is also perfect. There are small stores and bazaars there. You can find cheap clothes and some other items.

Student City: EskisehirIf you are  interested in history you can also visit the old hauses of Odunpazari, in Eskisehir. They had been built perfectly but because of having been harmed in the time they have all been restorated. there are some other historical places in other countries of Eskisehir.

Student City: EskisehirThere are many bars and discos in Eskisehir if you enjoy dancing and drinking alchol. Doors (222), Hayal, Buda are the bars which have discos. If you like rock, you can prefer Ares or Glow. Doors is the biggest bar. It has a disco, a cafe and a part where you can listen to live music.

Student City: Eskisehir

There is a place called Kent Park. You can take the advantages of havin sports activities, entertainment and also resting. Eventough there is not sea, there is a human made beach in it. The beach has 350 metters length and it has two swimmingpools. Instead of sea they used the water of Porsuk. In summer people go there to swim and sunbath. It is a quite modern place. If you prefer Eskisehir, you can have the opportunities of a historical and cultural trip and also enjoy it.

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Student City: EskisehirStudent City: Eskisehir
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Student City: Eskisehir

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