Are there sharks in Turkey? In short: there are. Are they dangerous for tourists? No.

Firstly, these predatory fish are rare guests off the Turkish coast. Secondly, the country’s authorities are taking security measures. Theoretically, the probability of meeting a sea predator in one of the Turkish resorts exists, but in fact it is reduced to zero.

Of the four seas that wash the shores of Turkey, the most shark-safe are the Black and Marble. In Black there are two types – cat and katran. But they do not exceed two meters and do not attack people – a terrier and a pinscher in the world of sharks. In Marble, these sea predators do not live, they can only be “passing through”, carried away by hunting for small fish.

There are several varieties in the Aegean Sea, they are not interested in people. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that blue-gray sharks appear in the Gokova Bay (near Marmaris) in a certain season, but they do not attack people.

The richest in sharks from the Turkish seas is the Mediterranean. It is home to about forty species. However, they are not fans of Turkish resorts and appear here extremely rarely.

However, now other types of marine animals live in the Mediterranean Sea, which, although they do not have sharp teeth, can sting, bite, prick. Many species that are poisonous and dangerous to humans have migrated to the Mediterranean from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.

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