Do they celebrate Easter in Turkey?

Do they celebrate Easter in Turkey?

Muslims, of course, do not celebrate, but are happy to wish their foreign friends hippie Eastern!
However, if your Turkish acquaintances are open-minded, they will gladly accept an invitation to egg-beating Sunday gatherings!

Also, let’s not forget that Turkey has a decent Christian community, besides, historically Turkey is located on the territory where important events for Christianity took place in different eras, so on Easter you can even meet believers who specially came to visit some holy place ⛪️

The symbol of the holiday in Turkey is the Easter Bun (Paskalya çöreği).
This is a traditional Easter pastry of Armenians and Greeks, which is so fond of the Turks that its likeness can now be found on the shelves of some bakeries all year round.
It looks like a bun – a pigtail, decorated with almond petals.

In the original, it is cooked with an unusual spice from the seeds of wild cherries – mahlep (mahlep) and mastic (aka damla sakız), adding the best ingredients to it – butter, eggs, milk, raisins and almonds are often put inside, decorated with almond petals on top .

A real pascal can be found only on Easter and not in all bakeries, as most neglect the addition of spices that distinguish it from an ordinary roll, and it is they who give it that spicy “holiday” flavor.

In Istanbul, the same bun can be easily found in the bakeries of the Kurtuluş district, for example.
Didn’t meet in Bodrum ☹️
If someone sees in local bakeries – share!

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