A similar practice exists in other tourist countries, but in Turkey it has become catastrophic. Benches are a must-have bonus to a great Turkish excursion. It’s worth starting with the most important thing: do not buy anything in these stores, and you will be happy.

Turkey is an interesting ancient country, there are many excursion programs. And all of them include visits to commercial enterprises. Perhaps only in the water parks tourists are taken without stopping by the shops.

If the tour is short, if the tourists leave comfortably after breakfast, then the trips to the shops do not annoy anyone. In this case, the shops are even more interesting.

But if the tour is long-distance, for example, in Pamukkale from Antalya or Kemer, then you have to get up for the tour at 3 or 4 in the morning. Tourists are transported to several shops, and everyone understands perfectly well that this time they could sleep in their hotel room! This is insanely annoying!

Once in an isolated space, where they are treated to tea with Turkish sweets, and the story about the product is intertwined with beautiful legends, tourists easily succumb to sale-hypnosis and buy a completely unnecessary carpet, fur coat, vase and magic sword. After all, how can you resist when the words “best”, “unique”, “cheapest” are ringing in your ears? There is no antimonopoly service on them.

Remember that nothing unique is sold in such shops. Even if you are interested in the product, you can find it at the market closest to your hotel. Only the price will be lower, and the choice is wider.

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