How to get from Istanbul to Pamukkale?

How to get from Istanbul to Pamukkale?

Who flew from Istanbul to Pamukkale. Tell me, is the flight not difficult?

You probably meant to fly to Denizli

The nearest airport to Pamukkale is Denizli Airport (DNZ), located 52.8 km away. A little further is the airport in Dalaman Dalaman (DLM) (135.8 km). The flights from Istanbul are made from Sabiha Gokcen airport and International new Istanbul Airport.

For luggage, as usual, if you are flying on a flight with a transfer through Istanbul by one airline, then the luggage is checked in at the point of departure, you will receive it only at the point of arrival, for example, in Denizli, but if you fly just from Istanbul to Denizli, then you check in the luggage and receive it at the destination , here it depends on what fare you choose when buying a ticket.

From Denizli, I think, buses run directly to Pamukkale, we traveled from Fethiye when we rested in Oludeniz.

Attention! Now, unfortunately, they have done for tourists on the inside. flights (no idea about ground transportation, probably on them too) – PCR tests or vaccination certificate.

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