If you have watched some Turkish serials in Pakistan or generally valid for the whole South Asia and was mesmerized because of the lifestyle, driving Ferrari’s, living always on the seashores of Bosphorus in multimillion-dollar mansions, everywhere handsome boys such as Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ or beautiful girls like Tuba Büyüküstün, then it will be a huge disappointment.

Yes, on average, you’ll find here more beautiful girls walking over the streets than in South Asia, but they’re not the actress characters in these movies or serials.

The same can be said about historical serials. They’re conservatives in Turkey, it’s even larger than the secular, but again, these will be not the conservatives you’re expecting from the serials you have watched and not the ones from your country or there is also no Ottomans resurrection anytime soon and nobody wants that.

Now coming to the next point. If this is a wish and consideration outside of the serial madness to make your life better in Turkey, it totally depends on what you want to make. When you have a good education and coming from a software or technology background with several years of experience (not just a graduate from a Pakistani school), then there are also chances and opportunities for Pakistanis or any other nationality to work in Turkey. At the first, there are not so attractive beginner salaries, but with time, people with good experience are also able to live a decent life in Turkey.

Then the next hurdle is to learn the language and adapt to the Turkish lifestyle.

Generally, people coming from an Indo-European language family struggle to learn Turkish very fast, but if you’re smart enough, you’ll overcome this problem. Just know also one fact, that even Pakistanis are considered positive in Turkey, still, at higher levels of jobs, you can face sometimes racist attitudes due to your brown skin (if you’re not clear white), and people would take you as an Arab or Syrian, etc.

So just think very very well. If you’re changing a country only due to some reading or watching movies/serials about them or any news around, don’t do it. It’s then quite possible that you’ll miss your country a lot. But for everything else, if you have the right plan for your future, immigration to any country can be worth and wise if rightly calculated.

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