Is it worth buying gold at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul?

Is it worth buying gold at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul?

I would still not recommend buying gold at the Grand Bazaar. There are no more rumors. And not only gold, but also other things. Recently, the Grand Bazaar has become more attractive as a tourist attraction. As an old and probably the largest market. But there are a lot of Chinese things. The prices are lousy. It is not uncommon to buy the same product, only cheaper and with guaranteed quality, at the airport in duty free and just in stores and large shopping centers. The same can be said about gold.

As for fakes, which are talked about a lot. The Turks would not say that they are deceiving. There is a product – there is a price. For example, you come up, look at the big and original chain, at the neck, on which you can put a hefty dog. And you are offered to buy it, say for $100. Well, think for yourself. With a gold price of even $20 per gram, and the weight of this chain even looks to be almost 50 grams, you will still bring down the price by $10… And what were you hoping to buy? Further, many begin to make excuses, they say they asked the seller and he said that it was gold.

In quite decent quality gold, the Turks often insert cheap zircons, passing them off as emeralds, diamonds, garnets, rubies. In fact, these are artificially grown stones. Often imported from China. And here the hope for a freebie often works for tourists. Really decent quality in the Grand Bazaar of gold jewelry enough. But they are far from cheap, no matter how much you bargain, rarely when the price per gram drops below $45 this year.

Turkey is not one of the leading countries in gold mining and is not a global supplier of gold to the market. Well, where will you get gold in Turkey, which will be cheaper than in the whole world? Only the work of a master who makes something out of it can be cheaper. So, don’t go for freebies.

Well, if you decide to buy it, go to the company store.

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