Is there a sea and a beach in Istanbul?

Is there a sea and a beach in Istanbul?

Istanbul is washed by the Black and Marmara Seas, which are actively used as ports. Locals prefer to swim in the countryside, and the beaches are more often viewed as a place for picnics and sunbathing. There are private and municipal beaches within the city limits.


  • Kyuchuksu. The beach consists of two parts – sandy and with a platform with the necessary beach equipment. It’s free. A pleasant bonus is the proximity to the palace of the same name, so that a beach vacation here can be combined with a sightseeing one.
  • Floria. Sandy, fairly clean beach, divided into two zones: with paid and free entrance. Here you can play volleyball, take the sunbathe. In the summer season, pleasant music plays, cafes work. Ataturk Airport is located near the beach, which will be a godsend for spotters. It is convenient to get there by train.


  • Suma. Youth beach, where concerts and discos are often held. There is all the beach infrastructure, bars, cafes.
  • Baykus. “Neighbor” Sumy, which is chosen by lovers of calm and quiet rest. There is a camping area here. You can put up a tent and enjoy a “wild” but comfortable rest.
  • Uzunya. A picturesque beach on the Black Sea coast with a restaurant, billiards, a green area for picnics.

The easiest way to get to the main beaches of Istanbul is by taxi.

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