Questions about New Istanbul Airport

Questions about New Istanbul Airport

Can someone share their impressions of the new Istanbul Airport, Interested in the organization of work, movement. How long does it take from arrival to baggage claim and exit from the airport. How to get from the airport to Sultanahmet. Is it better to get to the first metro station or is there a bus? How much is a bus ticket? How long does it take if the hotel is booked near the Blue Mosque?

From the new airport, as well as from Sabiha, there are Havas buses, on the airport website, I think there is a schedule from / to the airport to / from certain points in the city, including Sultanahmet or nearby. The cost of tickets depends on which area of ​​the city you are going to, should also be indicated at the chosen direction, for example, if you go to Havas from Sabiha to Kadikoy, the cost is less than from Sabiha to Taksim, payment in lira in cash to the driver before departure was (probably here too) .

From the new Istanbul Airport to the Fatih area (including Sultanahmet) there are direct buses of the Havaist company route HVIST-12.

The final stop is in the Beyazıt area, next to the Grand Bazaar. From the Beyazit stop to Sultanahmet you can walk or take a light rail from the Beyazıt stop of the same name.

The fare on the HVIST-12 bus was 35 lire. Payment is possible by credit card, cash. Istanbulkart is not accepted. Keep in mind that drivers do not accept cash on their own, at the airport tickets are sold at the ticket offices of kiosks near the platform, and company employees are on duty at stops.

Travel time to the final stop is 50-90 minutes depending on traffic. Buses run around the clock. Taxi is also available from the airport.

From the plane to the exit from the airport, along with passport control, changing clothes and exchanging money, it took me about 30-40 minutes (October 2021).

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