They told me “Chok Yasha”. What does it mean?

They told me "Chok Yasha". What does it mean?

It means you sneezed. In this case, we say: “Bless you!”.

The tradition goes back to pre-Islamic times, “çok yaşa” means “to live a long life”. The fact is that even in the days of shamans, the Turks believed that with every sneeze they lose a piece of their soul, and life becomes shorter. To prevent such negative consequences, others say: “Live a long life.”

In response, you can use the classic answers – “sen de gor” (which means “you will also see my long life”) or “hep beraber” (“we all” live for many years). Or just say thank you.

So if someone sneezes nearby, feel free to say “chok yasha”. But the logical phrase “sykhhatler olsun” (“health to you”) is better not to pronounce. She may be completely inappropriate. The fact is that this wish is expressed when someone comes out of the shower. Accordingly, the Russian equivalent of “Enjoy Your Bath!”. With hot water in Turkey, there has always been a tension, so they wish each other not to catch a cold after water procedures.

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