The most popular types of meat in Turkey are lamb, beef, goat and poultry. Pork is not consumed here for religious reasons. Turkey’s most popular national dish is, of course, kebabs. This is a general term for fried meat dishes. There are many varieties of this dish: in bread, pita bread or just on a plate. Meat kebabs are usually more expensive than chicken ones.

One of their most popular varieties is Dener kebab. From a piece of meat strung on a vertical grill, pieces are cut off with a knife as they are cooked, which are then wrapped in a flat cake. You can choose hot or spicy sauce for this dish. Interestingly, Dener kebab used to be a restaurant dish served with a side dish, and then it turned into a street food. Now street restaurants where this Turkish national dish is prepared can be found all over the world – it is so famous.

In general, there are several popular types of kebabs. For example, adana kebab and iskander kebab. The first is spicy minced lamb rolls, the second is lamb meat in tomato sauce with yogurt. Both dishes are cooked on a spit. Another national Turkish dish is kyufte. These are kind of meatballs. Usually they are made from minced lamb or beef with the addition of spices and onions. The garnish is most often served with zucchini or eggplant. Each region of Turkey prepares kyufte in its own way. Meat-eaters will also like local meatballs – tepsi koftesi. Spices, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and herbs are added to the minced meat. Cutlets are baked in the oven.

Turkish cuisine also has its own version of pilaf – pilav. This is rice with chicken, carrots and a variety of spices. Pilav can be made from peas or wheat. In this dish, as in many others in this country, pistachios, dried fruits and nuts are often added.

Even in Turkey, chickpeas stewed with beef, or Turkish peas, are very popular. Be sure to try the dolma. Onions, spices and herbs are added to minced meat. In addition to grape leaves, the meat filling can be wrapped in onions. Dolma will be especially tasty if sprinkled with lemon juice. However, to add sourness to the dish, the Turks often use pomegranate seeds instead of lemon juice.

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