▪️ Incredibly sociable people, from which sometimes there is little personal space.

▪️Turkish driving style
Here it is special, you will have to get used to it: at first, each trip will be a test for you, as often Turkish drivers allow themselves to be reckless on the roads, despite the large number of convenient interchanges, traffic lights and the excellent quality of motorways.
For example:
-Do not always show turn signal;

  • Maneuvers and turns that are difficult to predict;
  • Signal as soon as the yellow light at the traffic light turns on;
    -Overtaking through double solid;
    -Running a red light;
    -Pedestrians are not allowed to pass.

▪️Lack of punctuality
I have already told you about Turkish “5 minutes” more than once😅 Even if there are a lot of taxi in Istanbul.

At first it’s hard to get used to: a lot of spices, oils (but again, now there are already a lot of familiar foods and you definitely won’t go hungry).

In short: slow and expensive 🤷🏼‍♀️

▪️No central heating

But these are not cons, but only moments that take time to get used to.

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