Questions about how to dress in Muslim tourist countries are asked by every third tourist. They have special customs and traditions, many residents of these countries are extremely religious, so the choice of wardrobe should be approached responsibly. Turkey is no exception in this regard, although most of the local rules are not based on religion, but on secular ethics. What clothes should be taken with a tourist who went to Istanbul, you will learn from this article.

General rules

The choice of clothes depends on the specific place in Istanbul that you are going to visit. However, there is one general recommendation: less nudity. Even in the hotel area, where there are looser rules, you should not show up everywhere in a bikini.

Wearing more closed clothing is recommended:

  • to visit the restaurant complexes of the hotel;
  • when contacting reception.

In these cases, light dresses or shorts with T-shirts will be the best choice. The appearance there in bathing suits will be considered bad form and disrespectful. Sometimes even the attitude of the hotel administration will depend on how the visitor is dressed.

Clothing for walking around the city and excursions

As soon as you decide to leave your hotel area, clothing will need to be selected more carefully. Provocative outfits on the streets of Istanbul will be condemned by the locals. So that you do not have any problems walking around Istanbul, follow some recommendations:

  • avoid dresses made of transparent fabrics;
  • do not wear too short shorts or skirts (the optimal length is to the knee);
  • arms and chest should be completely covered.

In order not to be hot in such clothes, you should give preference to natural fabrics of light colors, as well as free styles that allow the skin to breathe.

If you are going on a tour, then consult your guide in advance about the preferred clothing. Tours of the historical sites of the city allow you to wear loose dresses with closed arms and a neckline, while visiting a mosque obliges you to completely cover your body and put on a headscarf.

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