What is included in a real Turkish breakfast?

What is included in a real Turkish breakfast?

Turkish breakfast ingredients may vary depending on the location or season. For example, in winter, Turks like to cook ovary with spicy sausage – sujuk, and some cafes serve fried french fries for breakfast.

On the table there will definitely be olives and cheese of several varieties, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, bread and traditional bagels – simits. One Turkish family can eat several loaves of bread in the morning. For breakfast, they can bake lush cakes – food. Flour products are usually served separately with olive and butter, some spreads like melted cheese or adjika, honey with kaimak (special heavy cream), jam.

Eggs are prepared in many ways: in the form of an omelette, fried eggs or hard boiled. Breakfast is complemented by Turkish ham or sausage, and walnuts are often added. Turkish yogurt may appear on the table, as well as Turkish pies – bureks, for example, sigara boregi in the form of crispy tubes.

Keep in mind that it is customary to drink Turkish tea at breakfast in Turkey. Coffee is usually served after a meal, hence the name kahvalti (“breakfast”) – “before coffee”.

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