What is the difference between Turkish coffee and why is it so praised?

What is the difference between Turkish coffee and why is it so praised?

Turkish coffee is not just a drink made in Turkey. It is also a part of the culture of a people, a reflection of its individuality and integrity. Perhaps drinking coffee in Turkey can be compared to the Japanese tea ceremony, where literally all the details of its conduct are taken into account. If you find yourself in one of the cities of the Turkish Republic, be prepared for the fact that you will be treated to coffee anywhere – at a party, at work, in a store, in a cafe after lunch.
Turks are very hospitable people, which is reflected in the case of coffee. So, before serving a drink, guests are sure to be asked what kind of coffee they want: strong or not, unsweetened, slightly sweet or sweet. If guests have different preferences regarding the taste characteristics of “kahve” (Turkish name), each of them will be brewed a separate cup of aromatic drink. Coffee is usually accompanied by a glass of cold water.

Many local traditions are associated with Turkish coffee. So, sometimes the kind, humane deeds of the Turks are compared with a treat with a cup of coffee, which a person then does not forget for a long time. And if suddenly those who were kind to us sometime need help, they will definitely receive it, since the good is never forgotten, like a cup of aromatic tonic drink.

Turkish coffee is an invariable attribute of the matchmaking tradition in Turkey. When a boyfriend comes to the house of the bride’s family with his friends to ask the parents for his daughter’s hand, the girl treats the applicant to the bridegroom coffee, by the taste of which he can judge her consent or refusal. If the coffee is tasty, then the guy liked it, if salty or peppery, most likely he will be rejected. However, this was the case before, and nowadays this rite has rather turned into a kind of comic ceremony: when the groom comes to woo, salt is added to the coffee without fail, and all the participants in the matchmaking closely watch the expression with which he will drink the drink. Of course, the groom knows about this in advance, but he tries not to betray his feelings with any gestures or facial expressions, but on the contrary, praises him and says that there is not enough salt and he is ready to drink another cup. This shows his serious attitude and love for the girl.

Every Turkish family has a set for drinking coffee – sets for every day and for holidays, Turks, trays, as well as different types of coffee with and without flavors. The most popular supplements are:

“Menengiç” (menengich or turpentine tree);

“Damla sakız” (damla sakiz or mastic pistachio);

“Dibek kahvesi” (dibek, which contains a whole list of useful ingredients – cocoa, carob, cream, thyme, etc.).

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