What kind of amulets with eyes hang everywhere in Turkey?

What kind of amulets with eyes hang everywhere in Turkey?

“Turkish eye” is not just a very popular souvenir from Turkey, but an important amulet. It is called “Nazar” or “Nazar bonjuk”. It protects from all evil spirits and its jokes – the evil eye, damage and the like. How it looks, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge.

The birthplace of this amulet is Ancient Greece, from there it came to Turkey. However, the Turks themselves have several legends associated with the appearance of the Nazar.

By the way, if a mystical attack was made against you, and the nazar defended, it splits or disappears. Therefore, the owner of the “eye” is very happy when the amulet disappears, as he believes that he has escaped a great misfortune. Moreover, every decent Turk has several Nazars. And for greater reliability, not only themselves are decorated with a talisman, but also cars, pets, doors and even office tables. The Christmas tree is not complete without them.

If for some reason you do not have an amulet, a simple image of an eye can also protect. True, it is considered less effective. And the eye-amulet, made independently, has the greatest power. You could find a lot of different bonjuks in places like Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Bazaar

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