The Republic of Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a vacation spot chosen by many Russian-speaking citizens. Perhaps this is the only state that is ready to offer foreigners any kind of leisure: educational excursions to unique historical and natural attractions, pilgrimages to holy places, health programs, beach holidays and extreme entertainment, exciting shopping, visiting restaurants, nightclubs and international festivals.

Everything is beautiful in Turkey: wide, well-maintained picturesque beaches, bewitching nature, bright sun, good nature and openness of local residents. The resort republic, like any other country, has its own traditions and laws, which should be inquired about before visiting. In our latest publication, we propose to figure out what tourists cannot do in Turkey.

You can not take pictures in the wrong places
Our list of things not to do in Turkey opens with photography in the wrong places. Of course, when we get to locations with beautiful nature or architecture of houses, we want to capture the brightest moments in order to share positive emotions with friends at home or in social networks.

If you decide to take several photos, we recommend that you be careful and take into account that in the Republic of Turkey it is forbidden to take pictures near any government buildings or military facilities. In addition, the ban also applies to photographs of representatives of law enforcement agencies: police, the army, gendarmes, especially during the performance of their direct duties. However, this rule applies in all developed countries.

Turkish law also prohibits filming the local population and, in particular, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in a hijab or veil. If you want to take such photos, first check with the person if he would like to get into the lens of your camera.

Do not drink alcohol on the streets and beaches of Turkey
Don’t drink alcohol outside
Many foreign citizens know that it is forbidden to drink alcohol on the street in Turkey. You should not do this, even if you carefully packed the bottle in a bag – this is considered an offense. Similar laws have been in force in many European countries for a long time.

The Republic of Turkey is a Muslim eastern country and local traditions should be respected by its guests. Alcoholic drinks are not prohibited here, they can be drunk at home or in a restaurant, of course, without abuse.

Do not throw garbage on the street
Throwing garbage on the street and in any public place is another prohibition to keep in mind for those planning to visit Turkey. Turkish citizens regard this behavior as an insult. Agree, not only Turks, but also educated inhabitants of any other countries would consider such actions unacceptable.

Do not export antiques
The list of prohibited activities while in Turkey includes the export of antiques. In this case, we are talking about historical artifacts that are not sold in markets and souvenir shops. Such valuable items may be prohibited from being exported from the Republic of Turkey. When making a purchase, ask the seller if this product will be passed by the customs control service when leaving the country. In addition, we recommend that you have a receipt for the purchase with you.

According to the law, the sale and export of antiques and antiques is punishable by heavy fines, as well as imprisonment from 5 to 12 years.

Do not interact with local women
Another taboo when visiting an eastern state is obsessive communication with local women. Strict Muslim traditions prescribe the observance of certain norms of behavior with the female sex. You should not stare at single and young Turkish women, show your sympathy, smile or try to speak. Surely, this will be regarded as an attempt to establish closer contact, to make acquaintances, and therefore condemned by the indigenous population.

Do not mention local authorities in conversations
Some foreigners are wondering: what can not be said about politics in Turkey? We answer: you should not raise political topics and talk about power in general, and in particular criticize anything if you want to avoid misunderstandings and negativity.

Coming to a foreign country, you are its guest and enjoy the hospitality and goodwill of Turkish citizens, so be respectful to the authorities, do not criticize their actions. And do not forget about the tourist police, who are always ready to help you if you find yourself in a difficult situation

In addition, insulting and illegal in Turkey are considered disparaging statements about the nation, flag, national hero Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, damage to the state currency. In the case of proven guilt of one of the listed illegal actions, violators face imprisonment from six months to three years.

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