Turkey is a paradise for gastronomic gifts! I usually arrive with suitcases full of goodies. Firstly, be sure to take Turkish tea in huge packages and to it a special two-level teapot and tulip glasses. It is a great happiness in the winter to drink tart Turkish tea from a tulip and remember hot sunny days.

Secondly, who drinks tea without sweets?! Take large boxes of Turkish dolite rolls with you. Buy by weight in local shops or markets, and not in tourist shops, ready-made packages, it is much tastier. The most delicious for me types of delights with hazelnuts and caramel!

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Then, I bring sumac from Turkey, nar eksili sos pomegranate sauce, and I also grab a bag of zaatar from the market. This is one of my favorite seasonings, I put it everywhere. Although cakes work best with her.

In Turkey, it is also good to take orange blossom or rose water in small jars, so that later you can cook pastries and kunefe with them.

Also a box of fresh baklava, a couple of packs of cezva coffee, cardamom and halva are a must.

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