During covid, the time for paying tax was extended to 360 days. From 2023, tax must be paid within 120 days!

What it means: If you entered the country more than 120 days ago and decide to suddenly pay the tax, when filling out the e-devlet registration form, you will encounter an error that can only be solved by leaving and re-entering.

So keep in mind if you plan to pay tax (currently 6,000 lira), do so before 120 days have passed from your last entry date.

If you have been in the country for more than 120 days and your slot has been blocked, there are still a couple of life hacks that can rehabilitate it:

  • Owners of phones with several slots for SIM cards can rearrange the SIM card to another, working slot (this is a well-known method)
  • Owners of phones with the e-sim function can purchase an e-sim (to their own or a new number), this will unlock the phone for another 120 days πŸ‘
    But a lot of people don’t know about this. E-sim assigns a new name to the phone, as far as I understand, so your phone starts working again.

Of course, there are no guarantees, but I have not yet met people for whom this method would not work.

In the future, I will check if the purchase of a new one saves when blocking one e-sim. Expect an update in six months 😁

And a small update on reissuing SIM cards: you can extend the life of a tourist SIM card either by reissuing it to yourself or to a Turkish citizen. It will not be possible to re-register for a person with a residence permit

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