I will say from the point of view of a person who lived and worked in Turkey. Of course, a lot depends on where you are going, what time of the year and what regions you plan to visit. Of course, swimwear, tanning products, sunglasses and hats – I will not dwell on this. But of the obligatory, the following can be noted.

  • The first and not obvious fact: in Turkey it is very difficult to find shaving cream on sale – alcohol lotions are sold everywhere, so I highly recommend taking the cream with you.
  • Be sure to have comfortable ventilated shoes, preferably without internal seams, or even if they are very soft – it is much easier to rub your feet in the heat.
  • Above all, you should definitely have clothes that cover your legs and shoulders. It will come in handy when visiting religious sites, on intercity transport and when traveling inland.
  • Cigarettes, chocolate and croutons. Works better than tip! These are top positions that will be used for gifts, gratitude and other tokens.
  • Strange as it may seem – sausage! But this feature works well mainly in relation to immigrants from the CIS who live in Turkey.
  • Bank card with an account in lira. Savings on conversion are our everything. At least several Russian banks offer this service.
  • Offline maps of the area on your phone. I can’t advertise services, but they exist and work very well in Turkey. Moreover, they can be used without wasting precious traffic. There is still no unlimited mobile Internet in Turkey, do not forget about it!
  • Download or printed dictionary (or small memo) of the most basic words in Turkish. Locals really like it when tourists try to say at least something in their language, and do their best to help and understand. In some cases, the inserted phrase in Turkish is appropriate – a pass to an additional discount.

Well, and of course, great mood! Without it, nowhere!

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