I will tell you everything from my experience of living here, and you decide when it will be more comfortable for you.


Early in the morning and in the evening it is still cool.
During the day the air temperature is 20-23 degrees.
Water 17-19 (I think it’s cool for swimming)
Favorable prices for accommodation, hotels and excursions, which are very comfortable to visit in such weather.


There is no strong summer heat yet, so the month is ideal for those who do not tolerate it well.
The air temperature is 24-26 degrees, and the water is already warmed up to 21 degrees and is suitable for comfortable swimming😍


It is already hotter and the temperature is 28-31 degrees, the water is ideal for swimming, but there are already a lot of tourists and the prices for everything are growing noticeably.

July – August:

Hottest months, very warm bathing water (some say not refreshing at all).
Do not walk for a long time during the day, high humidity.


Already better, the temperature drops to a comfortable June temperature of 28-31 degrees.
The sea is warm, slightly refreshing.


It is also a very comfortable month for excursions and for swimming. The water in the sea is still warm + 23-24 degrees. And there is no sweltering heat outside.


This month, the swimming season officially ends (we swim until +-20 November, if there is no strong wind). Very profitable tours. You can relax in a good 5-ke 🌟 2-3 times cheaper than in the season itself.

What month do you like to visit Turkey?☀️

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