You can pay with a card (in large cities this has long been possible) or withdraw cash in lira from the card at ATMs (see the rate of your bank), for example, a little at the airport, the rest is already upon arrival at the place, if you have cash in cash, then exchangers Istanbul is full (as well as ATMs), including at airports! To get from the airport you will need a small amount of cash (buy a card for public transport, pay for a taxi, etc.)

Please visit our special page about Turkish Lira.

The bus from the new airport accepts cards, so you can easily withdraw cash in the city, if we are talking about exchangers (usually the exchange rate is unfavorable at the airport). If it’s at an ATM, it doesn’t matter, I usually do it, even if the commission is 1-2 euros – the time spent searching for a profitable exchange office is more expensive.

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