I recently had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Princess Islands in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a delightful escape from the bustling city and offered a unique experience that felt like stepping back in time. Let me share my journey and impressions with you through this firsthand tourist review.

Arriving at the Islands:

To reach the Princess Islands, I took a short ferry ride from Istanbul’s mainland. As the boat slowly sailed away, I instantly felt a sense of calmness washing over me. The gentle breeze and panoramic views of the Marmara Sea set the stage for a serene getaway.

Exploring Büyükada:

Büyükada, the largest of the nine islands, was my first destination. The absence of motorized vehicles on the island is a refreshing change, with only bicycles and horse-drawn carriages as the primary modes of transportation. I rented a bike to explore the island at my own pace.

The narrow streets lined with charming wooden houses, adorned with colorful flowers and vines, exuded an old-world charm. It felt like I had stepped into a different era, away from the chaos of modern life. The locals were friendly, and the relaxed atmosphere was contagious.

One of the highlights of my visit was climbing up to Büyükada’s summit. The panoramic view of the islands and the shimmering sea was simply breathtaking. I highly recommend taking the time to reach the top for this spectacular vista.

Relaxing on Heybeliada:

After Büyükada, I hopped on another ferry to Heybeliada, the second-largest island in the archipelago. Heybeliada is known for its peaceful ambiance and lush greenery. As I strolled along the quiet paths, I found myself surrounded by pine trees and the sweet scent of nature.

I decided to take a break and unwind at one of the waterfront cafes. Sipping a cup of Turkish tea while watching the sailboats gently glide by was a moment of pure bliss. The tranquil surroundings and the distant sound of seagulls created a serene soundtrack that added to the island’s charm.

Visiting the Princess Islands was a remarkable experience that provided a peaceful respite from the city’s chaos. The absence of cars, the timeless architecture, and the slow-paced lifestyle made it a truly memorable trip. Whether you seek relaxation, nature, or a glimpse into the past, the Princess Islands offer an idyllic getaway that will leave you refreshed and enchanted.

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