Shopping in Istanbul Just returned from Istanbul yesterday, it was the second time. The purpose of the trip is shopping and getting to know the city. But shopping is a priority, so more about it. Day 1. First we went to the Grand Bazaar: a lot of Chinese things, there are Turkish shoes, Turkish T-shirts and jeans (copies of brands) for about $30. There are shops with copies of branded bags. The bags are great, of course! Chloe, Dior, Fendi and all the rest. Huge selection, high quality. The skin is not only on the outside, but also the lining is leather. Prices from $500 to $200, this is the first price, you can haggle in half. Yield on all 30-50%. If you do not bargain or reduce 10% – you are very overpaying. This is Turkey! There are many fur and leather shops in the Grand Bazaar. Everyone is very happy to meet you, give you endless tea, and are not happy to let you go. Therefore, if you are not ready to buy a fur coat right away, try not to enter into conversations. We went to the store, browsed, moved on. Ask for prices for what you really like. Otherwise – you got an hour of time. Some shops from factories and you are happy to take you there (there and back for free). We went to one on the first day, where they tried to sell us fur coats 3 times more expensive than in the market, we quickly left there. We asked their driver to take us to the mall. 4 floors ran in 1 hour. Because everything we have: LC Waiki, Zara, Mango, etc. And we came for Turkish original quality items.

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