I write about the city as a whole. This is definitely worth seeing! The city is great. To be honest, I was not very optimistic about going to Turkey, after all that I had read about Russian tourists. But Istanbul is something completely unique, this city makes you fall in love with yourself from the first hours of your stay in it!

Insanely beautiful all around, beautiful weather, nice and friendly people! Everyone is always happy to see you, no one is rude. Turks do not stick to women. Everything is decorous and noble. A little unusual is their oriental sluggishness and love to chat.

It is better not to drive a car in Istanbul. The streets are narrow, there are a lot of traffic jams, and the Turks drive like crazy, honestly. Half the time they drive in reverse gear. Leaving your car in the middle of the road and going to chat with someone is a common thing. So do not spoil your nerves, do not waste time and travel on foot or by tram.

If you make a purchase, bargain to the last. If a 50% discount is not given, feel free to leave – most likely they will catch up with you and sell the item at a discount.

Even better, go for a walk early in the morning. Merchants will give you good discounts as the first buyers, and there will be small queues in museums (by the way, I do not recommend renting an audio guide in museums, this is a waste of money, the guide does not tell anything interesting). In addition, it is very hot at lunchtime, it is better to wait out the heat in the hotel.

If you go to the mosque, for example a Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet, don’t wear shorts, but pants. Women are given special closed clothes at the entrance, so you can go in whatever you like.

The food in Istanbul is very tasty, wherever you go, it will be delicious everywhere. Turks know a lot about food! I also really liked apple tea, it’s something incomparable!

I don’t like boiled corn on the street, it is undercooked everywhere (they cook it that way). Watermelons and melons bought on the street are divine!

The city is beautiful, I highly recommend visiting it!

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