When we find ourselves in another country, we want not only to know its history, culture, way of life, but also to try the national cuisine. Although we have already been to Istanbul several times, we usually ate in European restaurants, and we did not have the opportunity to try national dishes of the “street food” level. But in December of this year, having pretty much walked along the famous Istiklal Street and reaching the embankment, we saw many small cafes that offered various dishes of national Turkish cuisine, including fish. And the fact that the Bosphorus is full of fish, we saw for ourselves, watching the gulls and loons – not a minute passes without one of the birds catching a rather large fish!

We chose the DERYA BUFE cafe because it was bright, clean and right across from the pier, meaning we not only ate lunch but also watched people arriving – dozens of different nationalities, different costumes and traditional dresses!

We ordered a special national Balyk Ekmek fried fish sandwich, chicken shawarma and two glasses of pomegranate juice. Everything was fresh and delicious! In general, only 77 lira was paid on the check

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