Istanbul is love at first sight

Istanbul is love at first sight

Oh Turkey, oh this beautiful country that you want to return to again and again. I assure you, those who were there will agree with me. After all, there is another air.

What immediately comes to mind when we say the word Turkey? Of course, the well-known cartoon “Aladdin”. This music, this landscape, this crazy atmosphere. No matter how much you walk along the streets, you will always be delighted with the nature, people and customs of this amazing country.

Today I would like to tell the reader in more detail about such a beautiful city as Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey.

I managed to visit it by accident. We were invited there by very good friends of my father. The three of us flew, in 2018, and the flight somewhere cost us 60-70 thousand round trip for 10 days. All this, of course, is certainly wonderful, but let’s discuss the most important thing, and these are excursions in Istanbul.

First of all, we first went to the Blue Mosque. It impresses with its external grandeur and beauty of decoration. There was a separate tour with the history of the mosque, but we did not take this tour.

Next we visited the famous Madame Tussauds. It presents world and Turkish stars of cinema, music, sports, culture, politics. There is an information board in Turkish and English next to each figure.

Well, at the end of the whole day, we visited a cafe where we bought various goodies, including buying myself such a dog with meat (shown in the photo) and coffee, and then we went to the beach to admire the scenery.

As you already understood, this is not the end of the story. The next point of departure for us was the Istanbul Aquarium. The total area of ​​22 thousand square meters. m. strikes the imagination with the scale of the design and the original concept of interiors, equipped with the latest technology.

Thanks to the glass ceilings, you can feel the whole atmosphere of the real ocean.

For all these days, we went around an insanely many places, shops, shops, coffee, and there are just hundreds of them in Istanbul, or even thousands. But the most memorable was in the last days of rest. The day before the flight home, we visited the town of Yalova. This town is known for its springs, located in a mountain gorge. The main advantage of the resort is a wonderful park, which contains thousands of unique plants and flowers and, of course, thermal water and pure mountain air.

The resort and health complex has a rather impressive territory, it includes: outdoor and indoor pools of hot mineral waters, a Turkish bath-sauna, Sultan baths, as well as several sources of drinking water on the territory, which are good for the stomach, kidneys and intestines.

Also here you can see the estate of the national hero – the liberator Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

And finally, the cherry on the cake. This is a delightful, simply the best boat trip on the Bosphorus at night.

Sailing on a boat, you can see gorgeous views of villas, bridges and palaces. The trip itself was accompanied by an incendiary show program with dances from different regions of Turkey, Caucasian dances and others. Also on the boat was a great dinner of Turkish cuisine.

It was very hard to fly home after such a vacation, I wanted to stay there at least for a couple more days. But it’s okay, I hope I still get the opportunity to visit Istanbul or Turkey as a whole.

Well, what can be said in conclusion? Turkey is a little fairy tale that not only a child, but also an adult will believe in. Speaking about countries, and in particular about Istanbul, I would like to note that there is a very rich landscape, friendly and helpful people, amazing architecture with a thousand-year history. Also, Turkey as a whole is a very adapted tourist state, so all tourists rush here.

Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, is love at first sight.

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